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This wikia is for the purpose of the Two Parties One Nation mock government.



What We Are About:Edit

  • Elections
  • Law Passing
  • Debates

What is it? Edit

Two Parties One Nation is a Instagram Mock Government created in November 21, 2014.

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Disadvantages From the PoV of a User Edit

Unfortunately TPON has become a simulation that lacks any and all competition. The Republican party is so strong that it controls almost every election. The only Democrats that win anything have been in the sim for a VERY long time. Meanwhile the Democratic party is in shambles with new infighting every other week. In addition hard work is not rewarded. Ever. The same people win elections nearly every time. As a new TPONer you will wait weeks, if not months, before winning your first elected office. I won't even bother getting into the fact that nearly everyone is plotting for their own gain and will back stab almost every other member to advance themselves.
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